Classic Business Cards: What’s Your Style?

Professionals are becoming more interested in classic business cards rather than the flashy, sometimes obnoxious styles of cards that are floating around offices today. While neon cards and 3D pop-up paper may work for some industries and individuals, not everyone is looking for something extravagant. Sometimes you need a simple, elegant, straightforward business card that is more on the classic side.

You may be starting your own business, replacing your current namecards, or simply seeing what’s available. Either way, this guide will help you.

What Do Classic Business Cards Look Like?

You can expect classic business cards to look very professional and streamlined. Classic styles are going to vary significantly from their more modern counterparts. Most of the features you will have to consider will be material and color.

Finishes that are transparent or metallic are considered to be more contemporary and edgy. If you really want to go back-to-basics, look for standard paper cards rather than flexible plastic or any other unusual material. Believe it or not, some professionals are using materials like steel, fabric and even wood. While such materials can give an interesting and memorable first impression, they aren’t recommended if you’re trying to opt for something on the classic side of design.

Color is the next aspect of classic business cards that is worth considering. Obviously you may not want to go with a neon color for your card. It can be striking, but you don’t need to have an extremely bright color to make your card stand out. Sometimes being classic and understated makes it stand out in the pack on its own. You can also use a bold accent color to emphasize certain text. Perhaps a color in your logo or one that complements it will be a wise choice.

Where You Can Find Classic Business Cards

There are plenty of websites out there that sell cards, but not all of them have the classic style available. Since the bright colors and unique materials are becoming more popular, some sites choose to exclusively sell those edgy styles. It may seem difficult at first to find truly classic cards that give a professional and mature impression.

On this webpage you will find resources for classic business cards. Keeping in mind that everyone’s budget varies, we can link you to a number of products that range in quality and price. Don’t hesitate to click when you find something that strikes you as your next business card.

Personal Trainer Business Cards Can Strengthen Your Professional Image

personal trainer business cardA professional who helps people achieve their fitness goals with the help of his or her knowledge about biology, anatomy, body mechanics and nutrition is known as a personal trainer. Whether you work as a personal trainer for a gym or as an independent contractor, having an impressive business card is essential. Customized personal trainer business cards are the right option for you!

Personal Trainer business cards are business cards that are especially designed and customized for personal trainers. They not only make you look more proficient but will also strengthen your image.

Generally speaking, 16-point hard stock card is used to make these business cards. Both sides of the card can be used for marketing yourself. You can give information about yourself and/or your gym on the front and utilize the back side to print a fact or quotation related to physical fitness and well-being.

Graphics with illustrations of muscles and body builders can be used to design personal trainer business cards. To get your business card personalized, you can display a photo of yourself by taking a body shot and using it as the background for the card.

You can also use a photograph of yourself leading a class or a group of people performing exercises as the background.  Photographs of exercise equipment are also a good option.

There are a number of websites offering personal trainer business cards with attractive templates and designs. Here are some of them:


Prices vary, but a stack of 100 personal trainer business cards typically costs from $ 22 to $ 50 depending on the design, colors, quality of printing and material and personalization charges.

Most of the online business card designing and printing websites prepare the cards in 3 or 4 days and offer free shipping. So, you just need to place your order on their website mentioning all your requested specifications and details and your order will be delivered to your doorstep a week later (or less).  

Perhaps the best thing about having a personal trainer business card is that it strengthens your image of professionalism.


(training photo provided courtesy of ManOnPHI)